• crossroad-with-your-career


    At a crossroad with your career? It may be time for a new roadmap.
  • facilitating-family-meetings


    Facilitating family meetings to achieve caregiving needs.
  • conflicted-at-work


    Conflict in your life? At home? At work?
    We work with you to manage and interact in your interpersonal conflicts.
  • balancing-work-and-caregiving


    Balancing work and caregiver responsibilities? Stressed? Overwhelmed?

    Begin anew with conversation and support.

  • organizational-change-is-ongoing


    Organizational change is ongoing. We'll guide you through the transition.

Facing Workplace or Life Change?

Change is inevitable. And change comes in many ways. Yet change can make stress escalate, and personal happiness and performance decline. This holds true whether you're a business in transition or a caregiver spread too thin. 

Creating a Positive Outcome.ann-yelich

A. Yelich and Associates is a consulting and coaching agency who can help. We provide a quick -- yet thorough and fair -- assessment of complex issues affecting the workplace or family relationships. Then we assess issues and create a plan and goals that support achievable outcomes.  

We strive to bring clarity. Through coaching and facilitation we partner with clients to build skills and competencies that help them grow during the ebbs and flow of personal, organizational and family dynamic changes.

Particularly during times of change, clear and accurate communication is essential. We work with clients to improve communication by defining and using language that creates meaning and action, and connects them with their family members, colleagues, employees, organization, other important relationships. At times, addressing communication misunderstandings is critcal to quality relationships. We will coach, facilitate and when necessary, mediate conversations with our clients to help them engage in relationships. 

Ann Yelich is the President and Executive Consultant leading a team of experts who successfully advise clients, employees and leaders, with personal and professional work, communication, interpersonal relationships, business strategies, workplace culture and change initiatives, workforce performance and life transitions. 

Contact Ann by calling 612-824-6619 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .